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The Ivie Family Blog

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Slumber Party!

Ryan has been unsure about spending the night since 1st grade.  She used to have overnights without a problem in kindergarten but then went through a phase where she did not want to anymore, so we started having "almost" overnights where she would come home at bedtime. We didn't ask anyone to spend the night at our house because Ryan didn't want to.  On Friday afternoon, Ryan out of the blue, asked to have a sleepover with Jillian! Of course we said yes!  We love Jillian and her mom has been so kind to bring Ryan home at 11:00 at night when Ryan has "almost" overnights with her. Jillian was able to come over, and we let Emma invite two friends over too! 5 girls makes for lots of noise and fun! All the girls are so sweet and everyone was asleep by 11 and slept until 7!
Watching movies

Dance party!

Emma read a book to her friends at bedtime.


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