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The Ivie Family Blog

Monday, May 22, 2017

Emma's Kindergarten Awards

We are so proud of Emma! She has knocked kindergarten out of the park! She had a great first year of elementary school.  I know we owe a lot of that to Mrs. Hoelscher.  We recently found out that this is her last year at Hill and I am so glad that Emma was able to have her as a teacher.  We adore her. We enjoyed attending Emma's award ceremony where she got every award except perfect attendance.  She is such a good and fun kid!
Waiting to go up on stage and get her awards.
Mrs. Hoelscher announced that Emma wants to become an engineer so she can build things.

Big girl!

Watching the kinder slide show with Mrs. Hoelscher,
who was having trouble keeping it together.

2023 seems so far away, but I know it will be here soon!

Mrs. Hoelscher is the BEST!

Proud Mamaw and Pa

Proud Mommy

Molly and Polly wanted a pic with Emma too!

Molly, Emily and Emma

At the party.

Sharing with her sister.

My pretty girl has grown up so much this year.

Kinder graduate

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