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The Ivie Family Blog

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ryan's Second Grade Awards

Ryan has had a great year in second grade.  Soooooo much better than her first grade experience. We are very proud of her.  Her confidence has increased and she is back to liking school again. She did very well in second grade and was in the high level reading and writing group. She worked hard to complete the Caldecott reading challenge and she finished all 80 books! I can't believe she will be in third grade next year.  She is almost halfway through elementary school!  Wow!
Ryan sitting next to Finn

Being acknowledging for getting all of her Scotty Tags this year.

Showing off her Caldecott award. She worked hard for this one!

Proud grandparents

Proud parents and little sister.
(Emma watched Ryan receive her awards but went
 back to class before the slide show.)

4 more years of Elementary School. Unbelievable!

Ryan holding Ryan.

Goof ball Finn has been such a sweet friend to Ryan all year.
I am so glad they were in the same class. He always looks out for her.

Proud dad at the after party!

Ryan with her friends at the party.

Mrs. Barzyk's 2nd grade class.

Love this girl!

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