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The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July 2017

After a whirlwind in Napa it was great to be back home with Chris and the girls to celebrate the 4th of July! We went with friends and Mamaw and Pa to watch fireworks on the 3rd.
We are in trouble with this one! So sassy!

Sweet Pa with PJ

Mamaw and Pa took the girls to the peting zoo.

Ryan is really growing up this summer.  She is maturing and getting so tall!

Happy anniversary to us! (and my parents!)

Grandpa let Polly hold her snow cone........

Big kids waiting on the fireworks and making up their own games.

Polly wanting to get in the mix- she pulled her suitcase ALL OVER.

She probably walked over 2 miles, pulling her suitcase behind her.

Ryan sure does love her Pa!

Watching fireworks with my girls.

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