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The Ivie Family Blog

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tis The Season!

We always decorate the house and get our Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving.  This year we were debating getting a new tree but hadn't gotten around to it so we decided we would get a new one after this Christmas when they were on sale.  Then, while looking for our old tree in the garage and being unable to locate it we remembered that we had tossed it last year! Whoops!  So, we loaded up the whole family and headed to Home Depot to get a new tree.  When we walked in a lady asked us if we had come for the kids craft and to meet Santa.  Although we hadn't we said "yes!".  So glad we did, because it was awesome.  The girls got to spend time with Mrs. Claus and Santa and make a craft with them.  It was so fun and they pretty much had Santa all to themselves.  We even got Polly's first Santa picture there! And her first candy cane.  So cool!  We walked out with happy girls and a brand new tree.
Emma- baby wearing while she hammers.

Polly gave her first candy cane 2 thumbs up!

Polly's first Santa picture!
We had a blast getting the tree up and my big girls were big helpers this year.  PJ took a long nap while we worked hard on the tree.

Emma's turn to put the star on!

Ryan's turn to put the skirt on,

Ryan read The Night Before Christmas to us.
Toot snuggled up during the story.

Holiday Whiskeys with candy cane stirrers!
The Tharps came over for a game night and the kids had fun together and enjoyed some ice cream!

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