The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Friday, May 20, 2016

Austin for the night, one tooth short!

We made a quick 20 hour trip down to Austin to watch Ali Michel graduate from St. Stephens.  Ryan had a super lose front tooth (a little boy knocked into her and loosened it last week). We tried to get her to pull it before our road trip but she wouldn't do it.  Thankfully, we got it out on the patio of Sam's Boat in Austin.
Relaxing in the hotel bed before heading to Sams Boat for a snack (beer).

Her tooth was disgusting.
Polly waving 'hi'.  She waves backwards at herself.
so cute.

Cool chick
Emma (the girl who hates baby plates) sitting in a high chair.
PJ is as sweet as her donut leggings.
Right after Chris got it out.
There ended up being quite a bit of bleeding. Made me feel sick.
She was very happy and proud to have it out.
Cutest snaggle-toothed kid I have ever seen!

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