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The Ivie Family Blog

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ryan's First Piano Recital

Ryan had her first piano recital and she did so good!  Especially since she has only been taking lessons for 2.5 months. She was very brave to play on the big grand piano in front of a couple hundred people. I think Chris and I were more nervous than she was.  She played Ode to Joy as her solo and Skip to my Lou with Abbey Deller for her duet.  She was so cute when it was over and she was handed her end of year trophy she exclaimed "I can't believe I got first place!"
Before the recital.

Her solo,
Beckett and Britton came to watch her play!
Mrs. Goodyear and Ryan 
The sweet boys brought Ryan flowers.
Abbey and Ryan after the performance.
Proud parents!
Gran and PawPaw came to watch.
Pa and Polly with Ry
Proud sisters of the duet pianists
Ryan's flowers and "first place" trophy!

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