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The Ivie Family Blog

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Daddy Daughter Road Trip 2016!

Chris decided on the way back from our adult float trip that he wanted to take the big girls on a Daddy Daughter Road Trip and make it be a new tradition (that eventually will include PJ). I was all for it and he made a whole itinerary (which I thought was very lofty) for their 3 day adventure.  They ended up doing everything on the list except for one thing and that was only because I needed them home to take care of Polly so I could go to a birthday party.  They floated the Comal, went to the Alamo (2 times), spent two nights at a hotel on the River Walk where they walked around, ate out and swam.  They also went to Sea World and visited the Natural Caverns!  They had so much fun and I was so impressed that Chris had this much energy to do all of these things.  What great memories were made and what a wonderful new tradition to have!  Here are a few of the pictures that Chris took on the adventure.
Leaving town!

Lunch stop at McAlisters in Waco

Floating the Comal

Relaxing at the hotel
Sea World!
Emma enjoyed the water park part of Sea World!
She was soaked.
Alamo (it was so bright!)
San Antonio Riverwalk

A cinnamon roll the size of Emma's head!

Girls first Uber ride
out to eat

Natural Bridge Caverns
Emma is pissed because they wouldn't let her touch the rocks.
Chris is such a good dad. SO glad these girls have him as theirs.

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