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The Ivie Family Blog

Monday, April 10, 2017

2 Year Old Letters to Polly

Dear Pollyanna,
My baby.  Oh my, I love you so much.  I thank God every day that I got to have you, my rainbow baby.  You completed a void in my heart and you make me so happy! You are still a complete mama's girl (I wonder why?!?!- I am a softy for you!) Although that can sometimes be exhausting, I do love it. If I am around you want to be on me.  Your favorite place to be is in my arms. Sweet baby. You are really starting to talk more and do more.  You want to do everything your big sisters do.  You love them so much.  You ask for Emma and Sissy every morning when you wake up and you ask to kiss them both goodnight every night at bedtime.  While they are at school and you get one on one time with either your Dad, your grand parents or me you still miss them and you ask for them often.  I love the relationship that you have with them both. You prefer to spend most of your time out in the backyard, swinging, in the sandbox or jumping on the trampoline. You spend hours out there every day that the weather allows.  You also have so much fun with your Daddy. You run errands and go for runs in the jogging stroller with him and act so much more toddler-like with him.  I bring out the baby in you- he brings out the big girl (minus him giving you warmed bottles!). We love you so much and are all enjoying watching you grow up more every day!


I cannot believe you are two years old already! It seems like just yesterday you were on the bottle and barely talking. Oh wait, you still are using a bottle and saying about five words! But you know what, I wouldn't trade it for the world! You are such a blessing and addition to our all girl family! I love you and your quirky and sweet demeanor. You're getting to be such a big girl and I am so lucky that I get to spend so much time with you. I love you so much and I just wanted to tell you happy birthday!


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