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The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Polly's 2nd birthday party!

We hosted Polly's second birthday party at the park and instead of gifts for her we asked her friends and family to bring a new pair of children's athletic shoes.  Polly loves shoes and we wanted to do something nice for someone else, so we found a non profit that collects shoes for underprivileged kids.  The organization put me in contact with a local elementary school who has many homeless and underprivileged kids.  At PJ's party we collected 18 pairs of shoes and were able to donate them to the kids in need.  Polly's party was fun and I got a lot of great pictures.  Thank you to all who came and who helped us collect shoes!

High heeled shoe cupcakes made by Aunt Rocks

Happy 2nd birthday my darling Pollyanna!

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