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The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017

We had another fun Easter!  Chris was off for the Pantego Egg Hunt but had to work Sunday.  Polly is mobile on 2 feet this year so she got to really hunt for eggs. The Easter Bunny came and the girls and I got dressed up in our Easter best and went to church with Mamaw.  It was a good weekend!
Emma at her kinder egg hunt.

Mamaw, Pa and Polly were there to cheer her on.
Such a gift to have such involved grandparents to support our girls!

Big girls getting ready for the Pantego Egg Hunt

Polly getting hydrated before the hunt (with a bottle!!!)

Polly and Pa

Arriving 10 minutes early was tough on PJ, she wanted to hunt!

Mamaw and Pa with their girls!

Ry Pie

Sweet Pea Emma Reese

Chris coaching Polly on her strategy.

Ryan is ready!

So is Emma!


Nice job, Emma!

Way to go, Ryan!

Poor Polly!

Cupcake rainbow face painting for Ryan

Ditto for Emma

Emma AND Ryan (surprisingly) decided to enter the sack race.

Emma got first place and Ryan finished third.
Unfortunately only first and second place got the prize.
Ryan was upset, but Emma shared her prize basket and
 Pa gave her $2 for being so brave and competing.

Saturday afternoon we met our crew of friends at Viridian to play sand volleyball.
Polly was a little clingy so Chris and I had to take turns playing and snuggling her.

The Easter Bunny came!

At church with Mamaw.

Polly would not cooperate for a picture with Mamaw!

Mamaw got this one of me with my girls.  Love them so much!

We finished off Easter Sunday with a bike and scooter ride to the park to play.
Great holiday weekend!

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