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The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, January 31, 2016

78 degrees on Jan 31 calls for evening paddle boat ride!

The weather has been incredibly warm for January! I remember bringing Emma home from the hospital in the snow five years ago. We have been having temperatures in the 70's and beautiful, sunny days. We have been taking advantage of it and spending a lot of time out back.  We decided to load up and take a family paddle boat ride!  Halfway to visit our friends who live on the other side of the canal we heard Tooter meowing. She was following us along the bank.  She does this a lot when we go for family walks, but she usually stops following after a couple houses down.  This night she wasn't stopping.  When we got to the bridge (where we go under to get to the other side) I started to worry because cars pass by on top of the bridge.  I was worried that she would get hit.  She did not like that we were under the bridge and out of her sight so she was on top of the bridge meowing loudly.  I told Chris that we needed to try to get her on the boat.  So, once we came out of the other side of the bridge we paddled to the side and she came running down.  Chris easily grabbed her and threw her on!  At first she was a little freaked (as was I, I didn't know if cats could swim and I was envisioning Chris having to dive in and save her if she jumped overboard!).  She calmed quickly and curled up and enjoyed the ride.  It was pretty funny!  Our neighbors the Dellers took a picture of us all.  Toot is a very cool cat!  Almost 16 years old and going strong. Next time we will throw Murph on and take the whole Ivie family for a paddle!
Taking off, pre Toot.

Captain Toot 

Family picture on the boat!

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