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The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Angel Fire Ski Trip

We drove up to Angel Fire, NM with 3 other families (Tharps, Adolphs and Hammonds) for a 5 day family ski trip.  It was Ryan and Emma's (and Polly's) first time to see REAL snow and the big girls first time to try to ski.  Although Polly was getting over her sickness and Emma got a bad cough we still had a great time and the girls managed to not get sicker (or get anyone else sick).  Thankfully, Kellie Tharp had some amoxicillin with her and she let us give it to Emma.  I think that saved the trip! Our house was AWESOME and it was a ski in/out, so very convenient and easy.  The only hard part was getting to it the first day.  It was snowing so hard and a few cars had gotten stuck and were being towed so we had to wait to go up to our house and then we were only allowed only go up in a 4WD, so we had to leave all of our other cars and lots of our stuff at the bottom of the mountain.  That made for an interesting night! Thankfully, the next day we were able to get to our stuff and the weather was great from that point on. All the adults got to ski a lot, the girls did a day in ski school and then practiced their skills the next day.  They enjoyed sledding, building snow castles, the hot tub and playing with all of their friends.  We had some great meals, got to play some fun games and had lots of laughs. It was a very enjoyable (and exhausting) trip.  Polly did not sleep the greatest, therefor neither did I and getting kids properly dressed for 5 degrees in high altitude is a whip!  I was out of breath before I even hit the slopes! All in all it was a lot of fun and worth all of the work.  We were so proud of the big girls for staying the whole day at ski school (8:30-3:30) with only 2 phone calls :-).  Chris managed to drive us through the night home - 10 hours!  It was good to be home but we can't wait to go back.
Almost there! We stopped to eat and check out the snow.
Emma tasted it.

First souvenir
This cow liked to lick now.
Beautiful view from our fabulous house.
Celebrating my ACL's remaining intact after day one of skiing.
Tired girls.
Beautiful day!

I had fun skiing with the Tharps.
The kids at ski school.
(Ryan in white helmet, Emma in back helmet)

Sweet PJ.
Hanging at the bar.

The whole family!
Our whole crew- a great group!
Goofy too!
Post ski school hug from Dad.

Connor and Ryan
PJ in the snow.

Sweet girls.

Bryn and Emma in the hot tub having a blast!

Emma geared up to ski!
With the help of Eric Hammond, Ryan took the big lift to the top and skied all the way down!
We were so proud of her- this was totally out of her comfort zone and she did great and was so proud of herself.
Polly at 3 a.m. in the car headed home.

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